Why Pigzilla?

Having loved the idea of a food challenge in his restaurant, Jeremiah Johnson thought that there was no better way to entice people to try out Papa Buck's than to create one of his own.

What makes this challenge so spectacular is the sheer size of it — 4 pounds total! Many people, including some professional eaters, now make trips to Metter and Vidalia just to see if they can conquer the Pigzilla.

The challenge

With 3 pounds of pulled pork covered in BBQ Sauce and served on a 1 pound Hawaiian Sweet Bread Roll, the Pigzilla is no walk in the park.

After being smoked over-night with our special seasonings and assembled, Pigzilla Challengers have 45 minutes to eat the sandwich in its entirety to be considered champions of this king-size sandwich.

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Think you are ready to take on the pigzilla challenge?

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