Pigzilla is 3lbs of pulled pork covered in BBQ Sauce and served on a 1 pound Hawaiian Sweet Bread Roll.

We smoked the pork over-night with our special seasonings. Once meat is fully cooked, we then pull it to make the BBQ. The “Q” as we call it, is then placed on the Hawaiian Sweet Roll and doused in our BBQ Sauce. Pigzilla Challengers have 45 minutes to eat the sandwich in its entirety to be awarded the tittle of beating this king-size sandwich. Its that simple! 🙂


The idea was created by owner Jeremiah Johnson after much research on marketing incentives while attending Georgia Southern University. He has always been fascinated with food challenges, and thought that there was no way better to entice people to try out his new restaurant, then to created a crazy food challenge of his own- and it has been going strong ever since! What makes this challenge so special is the size of the actual sandwich! In the south, many people think they can beat Pigzilla when they first see it, but once they start, they realize how much food is actually in the sandwich. Many people now (including some professional eaters from all over) make the trip to Metter just to see if they can.